~ Once Upon A Ballet ~ 

So Dance Junee is proud to announce we are introducing the Once Upon A Ballet curriculum for 18month - 7year old students.


Once Upon A Ballet classes provide high quality, age-appropriate ballet instruction while inspiring young children through magical, fairy tale-themed lessons.

When children enter a Once Upon A Ballet class, they aren't just stepping into any ballet class. They get to BECOME part of the fairy tale as their dance activities take them through a fairy tale story--all while learning proper ballet technique, making friends, and having fun!

$50  for the programme which includes 4 weekly sessions. 

You may wear a fairy dress, ballet leotard and skirt or hire one of our little tutus for $20 ($10 bond returned) 

Due to the recent restrictions around our operations we have not yet released dates for our next  Once Upon a Ballet session. If you would like to be included in our mailing list for this please email us on dance@sodancejunee.com


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