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Young Ballerinas


How We Got Started from the Studio Director

When I first started with this dream of running a dance studio in Junee I wanted to create more than just a studio, I wanted to teach more than just dancing.
I wanted to create a space where children could be safe to explore their emotions, personalities and abilities and most importantly be inspired to reach further than they thought possible. 
“I wanted to create a home”
I wanted to create a space that would encourage, build up and protect our students. Where love and respect resides, memories could be created, where friendships would be built and where everyone would belong.
It was always my intention to open a space that was more of a home than a dance studio, where I can be a great facilitator of safe spaces; a guide and mentor for all who enter and allow them to live confidently and freely embracing each and every unique part of who they are.
And so, it is now my pleasure to invite you to So Dance Junee

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